Blue Lotus Healing Arts - Bonding Ancient & Modern Wisdom
 Circles & Ceremonies
Morning  Sacred   Circles   

  Sacred   Spirituality   Circle
 (All Ages 12+) 
      You are about to embark on a journey about YOU: your relationship to yourself, your family members, other children and adults who are important in your life and still others who you may not even know.  This journey includes this world you see - past. present and future, and the world you can’t see, the spirit world of no time or space. The different content areas and activities are designed to stimulate your creative and critical thinking skills  The content is not designed to “convert” you to a specific way of thinking or to a particular religion or philosophy, but rather to open your mind to the multitude of beliefs and ways of doing things in this world without “right” or “wrong” judgments attached.  Know that this project is meant to be informative but not definitive, expansive, not limiting.  Enjoy your exploration into the investigating minds of human beings throughout time and space.
   1stSunday mornings       9:30 – 10:45 am 

Sacred Celebratory Service 
Join us on the third Sunday of every month for an hour of joyful celebration as we honor traditional spiritual and secular holidays and special seasonal events such as solstices & equinoxes.  Services will include songs, prayers, meditation, a spiritual talk/teaching and perhaps a significant ritual or ceremony. Space is limited.  By donation 

   3rd Sunday mornings    11 am – 12 pm 
A Course in Miracles 
Study Group

Every Sunday Afternoon
12 - 2 pm


Sunday Evening 
  Open to everyone!
 Sundays  6:30-8 pm
Energy Healing 
1st Sundays
World Chanting 2nd Sundays
3rd Sundays
Sacred Practices
4th Sundays
Mindfulness Meditation
5th Sundays

$5 suggested donation per circle


Every event is individually designed to meet your needs

  • Weddings & Commitment Ceremonies  
  • Baptisms
  • Funerals, Memorial Services & Life Passage Ceremonies
  • Baby Blessing/Naming Ceremonies
  • Baptism by Spirit
  • House Blessings & Space Clearings
  • Moon & Seasonal  Celebrations
Contact Joy for  more information  & appointments for
Ceremonies, Spiritual Counseling & Healing Sessions 


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