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Meditation For Your Health & Well-being

Here's some information on meditation and its many benefits for you.  Enjoy...

Meditation is not just sitting silently in a lotus position with your hands folded in your lap.  There are many forms which can be done alone or in group; sitting, standing, lying down or moving; in the morning or anytime during the day.  Sitting meditation has many variations also: Breath-focused, Mantra-Yoga, Ecstatic Dance, Walking Meditation, Labyrinth Walking, Dances of Universal Peace and more.  All of them are designed to do one thing – bring you peace.  Inner harmony is why mefocused (repeating a sacred word or phrase), Music-focused, Mandala-focused (drawing or coloring sacred visual patterns), Centering Prayer, and Guided Visualization to mention just a few.  In addition to sitting meditations, there are also moving meditations: Tai Chi Chuan, Tai Chi Chih, Chi Gung, ditation is so beneficial to de-stressing the body, mind and spirit.  Inner peace is inner stillness, a wonderful sense of being, of connection with the Divine, of Love.
There is no one “right way” to do meditation.  Whatever form brings you to that deep inner stillness is right for you at that time.  A mindful walk in nature can be a wonderful meditation -- anything that brings you into the present moment and away from the worries of the past and future.
Meditation is both relaxing and rewarding.  Practicing an individual form for 20 minutes at a time every day is recommended, but longer sessions of an hour or so with multiple forms can also be beneficial in quieting your monkey-mind (the constant chatter in your head) while allowing your body to become more relaxed, and thus permitting you to go deeper and deeper into the core awareness of your Self and your intimate connection with Spirit..
We are fortunate here at Blue Lotus Healing and Unity Walla Walla to have several options for learning and practicing meditation:  Meditation for Inner Harmony on Tuesday evenings (7-8 pm) and Friday mornings (10 – 11 am) and Sunday Evening Sacred Circles (6:30 – 8 pm) for Ecstatic Dance (1 Sunday), Reiki Healing (2), World Chanting (3), Sacred Drumming (4) and Mindfulness Meditation (5).  I hope you will consider joining us find a form of meditation practice that is perfect for you.  All groups are at A Center of Joy!  Call 509-520-1188 for more information.

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shahram Akhlaghi on Saturday, March 21, 2015 8:15 PM
Hi Joy This is shawn use to work at Round table long time ago, but I always loved and fascinated by you and now been almost 6 months I do meditate and love to join. Time permits to come and see you. Thanks for offer.
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